Welcome to the website for Pacific Northwest Karate Association, your Shotokan Karate resource in Oregon, Washington & beyond.

Our affiliated schools practice the JKA Shotokan style of traditional karate, one of the most widely practiced martial arts on earth. Our training has its feet firmly rooted in the traditions and skills of Japan’s ancient martial arts while at the same time embracing the technical refinement made possible by awareness of modern scientific knowledge.The practice of karate is a multi-faceted endeavor which offers many benefits and avenues of exploration to participants both young and not so young. Whether you are seeking self-defense skills, artistic expression, fitness activity or even a social venture, there is an opportunity for you amongst our group.

We’re on the path to unification of mind, body and spirit and intent on reaching our utmost potential. Will you join us?


Pacific Northwest Karate Association is an incorporated (non-profit) association of traditional karate schools located in the northwestern U.S. states of Oregon and Washington. The purpose of our group, guided by our elected officers is to act as the governing organization of the registered schools of the Pacific Northwest.

Our goals are to provide quality instruction and foster education and development of JKA Shotokan style traditional karate in the Pacific Northwest. In addition to the daily training activities of our member schools, the primary activities we utilize for furthering our goals are educational training seminars and rank examinations held throughout the year. To ensure a high standard of instruction we regularly bring an impressive slate of outstanding instructors to the region from all over the country.

Our organization first began in the early 1960’s and owes its founding to Hidetaka Nishiyama and Robert Graves, both early pioneers of karate in America. Mr. Nishiyama was one of the first JKA instructors to move from Japan to the United States and was the founder of the JKA International of the United States. Mr. Graves was an early student of Nishiyama’s in Los Angeles. Graves relocated from L.A. to Oregon in 1962 and opened his first school in the state. Since that time he has been a key figure in the development of karate in the Pacific Northwest and in the establishment of many schools throughout the region.

Over the past 5 decades some of the students of this organization have achieved high levels of proficiency and knowledge in their own right to become instructors who continue to work diligently to promote and spread the art of karate.

Since its humble beginning in the days when karate was practically unknown outside of Japan, our alliance of schools has trained thousands of students, carried out countless hours of training activity and grown into a well established organization that is respected throughout the country. We continue today to work to perpetuate and develop the efforts of our karate forefathers.

The work is unfinished though, and there’s room on our team for you…

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